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Calendar Product templates

Calendar Product Templates

You can also design templates for your Calendar products. The process is similar to the standard products.

  • Go to, Admin >> Templates >> Product Templates >> ‘+Add’ button
  • Enter the template’s details such as name, category, product type, product and color filter. Also, provide a suitable title and choose the duplicate product (if any).
  • Select layouts; for each page i.e. Cover, Personalization and Month page choose layouts.
    • For each page, all the created layouts will be listed select one layout in order to complete the template design.
    • Calendar Product templates28.png

    • Choose one layout for each of the page types.
  • Click on ‘Save and Continue’.

This will redirect you to the Designer Studio. There you can create Calendar design using various tools such as text element, image element, clip art, background, and layouts.

Your customers can choose one template and continue to customize the design as per their needs.

The templates will appear at the front side in the following manner –

Calendar Product templates29.png

Designer Studio Features (Specific for Calendar)

The designer studio for Calendar has many more features that a regular OPS designer studio.

In the studio, you can add images, change layouts, edit month layouts, apply and lock backgrounds, lock objects, create your events and more.

Calendar Product templates30.png

Read along to understand each of the studio feature created specifically for the calendar –


Earlier, while creating templates Admin or the designer was forced to place every picture into the Calendar pages. To address this lacking we introduced the Autofill feature in Designer Studio.

  • To use this feature all you have to do is create image placeholders i.e. add any layout to each of the calendar pages; customizable and cover pages.
  • Next, is to upload all the images to be used in the Calendar either via My Computer, or any social media site (Facebook, Pixabay, Depositphotos, Instagram, etc.).
  • Using the sorting feature provided at the left panel sort your picture in a sequential manner they should be added in the Calendar Template. Next, click the Autofill button.
  • Create Templates10.png

  • This will automatically add all the images sequentially (as chosen by you) into the image placeholders.


  • After auto-filling the images you can easily replace the mages, crop them, reset, apply mask and borders and apply filters to them. Also, you can use the image and set it as background.
  • Just, click on the set background button and the image will be stretched to create a background.

Calendar Product templates31.png


At the studio, you get the option to set background at each of the Calendar pages. Along with this, there is a Lock Background function given.

  • Click on the lock-like icon to lock the background of a particular calendar page.
  • Calendar Product templates32.png

  • At the front end customer’s will be able to see a message stating that the Background change option is disabled in that particular page (shown below).
  • Calendar Product templates33.png


Here all the public holidays added from the Event Management section will be displayed. Click to select the once you are willing to display in the calendar template.

  • All the event categories created will be displayed as a dropdown. Depending upon your categorization and the audience you can easily select which event to be shown on the calendar and not.
  • Calendar Product templates34.png

  • Under Your Events tab, you can also create a few personalized events. These events will appear only with this template.

Month layouts

This section lists all the month layouts created in the month/week layouts section. You can select to change the month layouts.

Calendar Product templates35.png

  • Edit month layout – During the template personalization you can easily edit the month layout. With a click the month layout editor will pop-in. This will include all the features and formatting options provided in the Calendar Month/Week Layouts sections.
  • Calendar Product templates1.png


If the design demands, then you can select each of the calendar pages and apply separate layouts to them.

All the layouts appear under the layouts tab (in the left panel) of the designer studio.


If you have categorized your layouts, then apply the filter and choose the best layout for the Calendar pages.

Calendar Product templates37.png

Other features

  • Top, Bottom and Both

    There are various view options that you can opt for and create the best possible design of a calendar.

    According to your preference you can set the view of calendar pages. To ease your design process, we have given top, bottom and both pages preview along with the next and previous buttons.

  • Calendar Product templates38.png

  • Change Start Month

    There is also an option for you to change the start month of your calendar template. Click on the ‘Change Start Month’ button at the bottom left corner and select the desired month.