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Book Templates and Studio Features

Book Templates and Studio Features

The template design process of the Book Product is the same as the standard products.

However, in the designer studio, you’ll get the option to edit and design the pages created in the Setup Product Pages section.

Book Templates and Studio Features19.png

Whenever a customer chooses to Browse Design the templates designed will be displayed as follows, customers can choose one and continue to complete the purchase.

In the designer studio, your customers will only get to design the pages defined in the Setup Product Pages only. The rest of the pages (book inner pages) are compulsory to upload.

Designer Studio – Orientation Panel

If your book product is in landscape format, then from the Designer Studio, you can change the orientation of the Product Pages from Top Panel.

Book Templates and Studio Features20.png

Similarly, if your customer is interested in ordering a Landscape Oriented book product, then they can check their product orientation from Designer Studio. However, one would have to change the design as per the orientation. Upon changing the orientation, the system will warn you about the design changes required –

Book Templates and Studio Features21.png