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Book Product Order Flow

Book Product Order Flow

When a customer lands on a Book Product Info page, they’ll be able to check various section –

Book Product Order Flow22.png

  • Upload Inner Content Pages – Here if the ‘Upload Content Pages Later’ option is enabled then your customer will the option to upload the book inner pages later.
  • Select Cover Option – According to the design options set in the Product Details page, the cover options will be displayed at this spot.
  • Price Calculator – This includes the following input options
    • Size – The product sizes defined in the Designer Options.
    • Black & White Page Count – Customer can enter the black and white page count here. Leave empty if there are no B/W pages in the book product design.
    • Color Page Count – If the color page toggle is kept enabled then the customer will get the option to enter the number of color pages in their design for price calculation.
      • Color Page Range – This is where your customer can enter color pages using the format: 1, 2, 5-6, 8-15. And, the system will calculate the number of color pages.
      • Book Product Order Flow23.png

        Note – This is an additional feature offered for the book product, contact the technical team for the same.
    • Number of Copies – This is considered as quantity in the case of Book Product.
    • Additional Options and Options Group – This section includes all the additional options created for the product. The system will check for each additional option and for the type of page it is associated with, calculate the prices and display in the Total section.