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Book Module Introduction


This document explains the importance of the Book Module, product integration from the Admin Panel, and other important elements associated with it.

At OnPrintShop we provide easy integration of the Book product, this enables your customers to personalize a few book pages and place book product orders anytime and anywhere. The book product is specially designed for a better customer experience, where customers can calculate on their own the print-cost based on varied options, personalize the cover page and upload files, which means reduced ordering & order management costs.

Several key features of the Book Product include – Rule-based calculator, Combination of B/W & Color Pages, Auto-page calculation, Cover Personalization, Large file upload, and HOT Folder API Integration.

Advantages of integrating Book product at OnPrintShop –

  • Manage options – Binding options, Cover, Paper.
  • Personalize Book Module Production Flow.
  • Offer a combination of Black and White and color pages.
  • Separate Pricing formula for printing and copies.
  • Upload books’ inner pages and preview the same.
  • Manage additional options – Binding options, Cover, and Paper.
  • Personalize the production flow.
  • Options to integrate Hot Folder/XML based on pages.
  • Set-up Pricing based on paper, binding, packaging.

Book Module Introduction1.png