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Website Banners

A banner is a form of advertising which is embedded into a web page. This will make your website look more fancy and interactive. Any offer, discount or a product release can be put up in a well-designed banner.

Thus, we have given you a section from where you can add and manage banners. Upload banner images, sort their display order, toggle the status for different banners as Active or Inactive, and publish them in a slideshow on your storefront. You can even define the link for the banner to be hosted. Using Filter by Store dropdown on the top left, you will get the list of banners added by that respective store.


By default, you can check a list of current rolling website banners with their duration details, status and Action Menu.

You can also create banners for a specific Product page or Product category or Product Group page to be displayed in the front store using the Add Button.

Add a Banner –

Admin > Content Management > Banners > Add Banner (Top Right Link)

Simply fill the form to add a banner to your website.

  • Provide a suitable title for the banner. This will help you easily differentiate various banners on your website.
  • Upload the Banner Images (mobile as well as web) using the upload button. Make sure you upload the JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG version of banner images only.
  • You can also decide when to display the banner i.e. after the customer’s login session starts or before it.
  • Link – This link will be set on the banner. Clicking on the banner will redirect your customers to the link provided.
  • Available to – Select the location where the banner will be located on your website. You’ll find a list of pages where you can make your choice and display the banner as desired.


  • Select Language the website banner should be displayed. This will be helpful in a scenario where you have various website languages depending on various languages and locations you wish to set discounts and offers.
  • Banner Duration – This is one of the most important features which will help you decide the timeline of any banner. Thus, it will reduce your hassle of taking down the banner. You can simply set the timeline using the Date Picker and Time Picker, the system will automatically take down the banner when the duration gets over!


Admin > Content Management > Banners > Banner Settings (Top Right Link)

We have assembled all the basic banner settings on this screen. Some of the important fields are –

  • Banner Selection - For mobile device Image Banner setting will be reffered always.
  • Auto Start Slideshow – This will show all your banners in the form of a slideshow. If a single web page holds multiple banners then a slideshow will be the most convenient option. This will make your customers aware of the offers.
  • Slide Transition Timeout – If your banners are running in a slideshow then the timeout should be properly maintained. This will help customers easily grasp the banner content and act upon it. Thus, it is advised to keep a proper time gap between the banners.
  • Banner Transition Effect – Depending upon your business model or website design, you can choose an effect for your website banners.
  • Banner Display Style for Product Info and Product Category Page – Tick display type for banners on product and product category page - Full Page Banner or Inner Page Banner.
  • Display Banner In Mobile Device - Choose whether to display or not to display the banners on mobile devices.

Inner Page Banner


Full Page Banner