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FAQ:B2B Management store

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B2B Management store

Video: Click the below link to watch the video to learn more about Store Module.
Store Management Video

1. Store Management

1- 1. What is store management module?

The Store Management module is specifically design to handle medium to Large Store Clients.
You can create Store Storefront and Store Admin from Super Admin.
The store storefront and store admin will be unique for each of your store clients.
You can assign specific products and templates to each of your store clients.
You can set the store branding with their logo, tag lines, fonts, etc. on the store storefront.
Note: Store clients will be able to manage their own:

  • Admin Panel
  • Storefront
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Templates
  • Banners
  • CMS
1- 2.How can I create my B2B (store) store?

You can create your B2B store store using below path:
Store Management>>Store>>Add

1- 3.How can I set more than one user to receive e-mail notification for store client?

If your store client wants to receive the e-mail notification to more than one Admin users then he/she has to add those e-mail IDs (comma separated) in “To Email” section of the e-mail.

Your store Admin will be able to do it from his/her admin panel.

Note: The “From E-mail” is mandatory and you can enter only one e-mail in this option.

Store Management>>Stores>>Action>>Edit>> “To Email”
Receive Email Notificartion.png

1- 4. Can I do SEO for my store store?

No, you cannot and should not do SEO for your store store as the store storefront is not accessible without the customer being logged in and hence there is no point in doing SEO for your store stores.

1- 5.Can I use the same e-mail ID to create store and printer?

Yes, you can use the same E-mail address multiple times for registering/creating stores/printers/sales agent/ branches.

1- 6. Can invoices for store be generated automatically for store orders and Reset Pay-on Balance?

Yes! It enables the admin user to automatically generate invoices for stores at regular intervals of time for the orders placed using offline payment method and in turn reset the pay-on balance for the store. If you need it, please write an email to support@onprintshop.com.
Once the technical team makes required changes, you can follow the below Path:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Invoice > Invoice Setting

Store invoice management.png

1- 7. Can invoice be managed by both based on customer as well as Stores?

Yes, you can decide how you want to provide invoice download provision to the store customers: Note:
1) If “Both” selected – You and the store customer will be able to download individual order specific invoice and also able to download the combined invoice.
2) If “Individual” selected - You and the customer will be able to download individual order specific invoice only.
3) If “Store” selected - Only Store Admin will be able to download the combined invoice for multiple orders. Path:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Action > Edit > Settings > Manage Invoice

Store invoice management.png

1- 8. I have some non-profit stores, may I have them tax exempted?

Yes, now you have option for Store Level Tax Exemption.
Follow the below path for Store Level Tax Exemption:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Action > Edit > Settings > Allow Tax Exemption

2. Managing Departments and Customers

2- 1. What is the difference between store customers and default store customers?
  • The store customers are the customers of specific store registered under the store. Default Store customers can be any customer from anywhere.
  • The store customers are generally created by the Store Admin and/or Super Admin. Default Store customers can create their user ID and password by themselves and/or by Super Admin.
  • Store customers have access to store specific stores the default stores customer have access to a general public store.
  • Store customer will have access to store specific products and templates, default store customer will have access to all products visible on the public store.
  • Store customer has to login to the system to access the storefront, default store customer does not necessarily have to login to see the storefront.
2- 2. Can my default store customer be the store customers as well?

No. The customer can either be default store customer or store customer.

2- 3. How many stores I can create on my website?

There is NO limitation of creating any store clients /store customers/default store customers. You can create as many as you want.

2- 4. How many store customers I can create in one store?

You can create as many customers as you want in single Store. Also you can create as many Stores as you want.

2- 5. How can I know whether the customer is default store customers or store on the Admin Panel?

All the customers are displayed in the same list of website customers, irrespective of their type.
Customer>>Website Customers
You can identify the customer type, (store or default store) by User Type.

If it is a store customer then the name of the store will be displayed along with the Department name in [ ] brackets.

For default store customer, the User Type will be “Default Store”
Default Store Store.png

2- 6. Can I create Departments in each store account?

Yes, you can create Departments and these Departments can be located at different locations.

Enable department from the store section go to Store Management >> Stores >> “Select edit option from the action dropdown in front of the store” >> “Enable the department check box”
To create department, go to
Store Management>>Departments>> “Select the store from dropdown for which you want to create the Department.” >>Click on ADD
Department 2.png Imp points for Departments

  • You can have different address for different department.
  • You can create distinct templates for each department.
  • You can give login rights to the customer based on his/her department.
  • A store customer can have access of different/multiple departments from his/her login.
2- 7. Can I have specific fields for my store customers, different from Default Store customers?

Yes, you can create specific fields for your specific store customers, which on selection of specific store will not be displayed for other stores/default stores.

Adding Extra Field for Default Store/Specific store

Customer>>Website Customer>>Extra field>>Add

Specific Store.png

Created Extra field will be displayed only when you create/Edit the customer for that specific store.

2- 8. Is it possible to give credit/advance payment to my store customer, so they can make the payment later on?

Yes, you can have a credit management system for your store customers as well as your default store customers. This Credit management is known as “Payon Account.”
You can set the credit limit for each of your Store/Default Store customers. When they place the order and make the payment they have to choose “Payon Account” option as a payment method from “check out” page.
IMP Points for Payon Account
1. “Payon Account” Payment Method must be “ON” (Green) from
Store Configuration>>Payment Method>>Payon Account

2. Payon Account option should be enabled for store/default store customer
1. Enabling Payon Account for Store Client:
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Edit>>”Payon Account” Pay On Account.png

2. Enabling Payon Account For Default Store Customer:
Customers>>Website Customer>>Action>>Edit>>”Payon Account” Pay On Account 2.png

2- 9. Can my customers ask for additional services like designing etc.?

We have a feature called “Hire Designer”, which works same as your other action buttons (Browse Design, Custom Design).
You can enable this feature (action button) for each of your product individually.
Product>>Product>>Action>>Edit>>check/uncheck “Hire Designer”
Hire designer.png

2- 10. Will end customers be able to log in using their username and/or email address?

Yes, they will have an option to add user name at the time of registration and using that user name they will be able to login at the store storefront.
Please send us an email at support@onprintshop.com to make this available. Our technical team will do the needful.
Login using user name.png

2- 11. May I assign Pay-on limit differently to each users within Store?

Yes, there is a provision in the system from where the admin user will be able to define customer wise along with store wise or department wise. On the Add / Edit Store page there are three radio buttons as follows:
• Disable: Pay-on account is not required.
• Store Wise: The pay on limit will work as it works right now in the standard solution store wise and department wise.
• Customer Wise: The pay on limit will be set customer wise, not store wise or department wise. Follow the below Path:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Add/Action > Edit

Customer wise pay on limit.png

3. Access Roles and Order Approval

3- 1. Can I set the order approval system for my store?

We have three level Approval system:
Level 1: A store customer (an employee of store) having rights to place the order will place the order and a request goes to the partial approver (manager) to approve the order.
Level 2: The manager of the store having rights to partially approve the order will receive the request for approval. He will go to his My Account and will approve/reject the order. If he approves the order, then again a request will be raised and the order goes to Super Approver (Head of the Department).
Level 3: The head of the department having rights of Super Approver will receive the request of final approval of the order, will approve the order. After his approval, the order will then reach to Super Admin (Printer).
Note: It is not mandatory to have three level approval system, you can make anyone as Super Approver and eliminate the second level. For setting up the Approval process you have to keep a note of below points:
1. Approval process works on Payon Account Only, so payon account has to be enabled from
Store Configuration>>Payment Method
2. The store client should have the rights for payon account and credit limit has to be set from
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Edit>>Payon Account
3. The order Approval option has to be enabled.
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Edit>>Order approval
Order Approval 1.png
You can set the partial and supper approver rights from
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>View Customer>>Access Roles>>Select customer
Order Approval 2.png

3- 2. What is the difference between partial Approver and Super Approver?
  • Partial Approver: The partial approver receives the request from the customer/end user for approval of the order. The partial approver can approve/reject the order. If the order is approved by the partial approver then it goes to the Super Approver for further process.
  • Super Approver: The super approver is the final approver of the store client. As soon as the partial approver approves the order, the notification is received by the super approver in his My Account as well as in his/her e-mail from where he can go to the specific order and approves the order.

As soon as the order is approved by super Approver, the order is placed and it will go to Super Admin (Printer).
The Super Approver rights should be given to the highest authority of the store.
The supper approver rights can be given for more than one departments.

3- 3. Can my Store Client personalize his store store by himself?

Yes, your store client will be able to personalize his store on his own from his Admin Panel.

Login to Store Admin.

Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Personalize

The store admin will be able to change his/her:
1. Login Page (they can add store logo, tag, etc.)
2. Registration Page
3. Reset Password Page.

The store admin can also manage these changes using CCS.
Store Personalization Himself.png

3- 4. Is it possible that the super approver receives notification on e-mail for order approval?

Yes, the super approver of store will receive an e-mail notification on his registered e-mail for every order to be approved by him/her, in the email there will be a link on which he can click and he/she will be automatically logged into the storefront and will land on order details page and from there he/she will be able to approve/reject the order.

4. Store Products and Templates

4- 1. Can my store client create the product and templates by himself?

Your store client cannot create the products themselves. However they can definitely create the Templates of the products by themselves. The Store Super Admin has to login in Admin Panel Templates>>Product Templates>>ADD

Create template himself.png

4- 2. Can I create Department wise Templates in store B2B store?

You can Create/Assign the distinct templates department wise for each of your store client.

Templates>>Product Template>>Action>>Edit Info>>Select User Type>>”Select the Store Department for which you want to create/Assign the template.
Department wise templates.png

4- 3. Can I allow my store customers to have their own admin in my print store managing their customers, templates etc.?

Yes, when you create a new store client, it will automatically create a Store Admin Panel as well as the Store storefront specific for that store client only.
The Store Admin User ID and password will be send to your store customer if you have kept the notification “ON” while creating the Store.
Store Management>>Stores>>”Add”
e.g. Store Admin URL (same as your super admin url)
Note: Store Customers will be able to manage their own

  • Admin Panel
  • Storefront
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Templates
  • Banners
  • CMS

4- 4. Can I have separate templates for each store?

Yes, you can have templates section from where you can create/assign templates to specific store as well as specific department.

  • While creating a new template for specific store wise:

Admin > Templates > Product template > Add > Select user type > “select specific store / specific department”
Separate tempalates 1.png

  • For existing templates:

Admin > Templates > Product template > Select Template > Edit info > Select User Type > “select specific store / specific department”

4- 5. Can I share the same product with two different store clients Do I have to individually assign this product to both store clients or can I do it at one go?

You can share the product with more than one store clients at one go.
Products>>Products>>Action>Edit>> “User Type”
Specific Product.png

5. Customizing the Store

5- 1. Can store admin generate reports?

Yes, your store admin will be able to generate different reports.
Reports>>Sales>>Order summary Generate Report.png
Note: The reports you filter can also be taken in the excel file on your local computer.

5- 2. Can I have separate banners for each store?

Yes, you can upload separate banners for each store. For that you have to set the Banner Content settings for that store as “Only Store.”
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Edit>>Content Settings>>For Banners Select as “Only Store”
Important Point
You have kept the “Quick Check Out” option “OFF” for the store banners to be displayed on store storefront.
Store Management>>Store>>Edit>> “Quick checkout” Keep it off (Red)
Banner 2.png
Now Store Admin can login and upload new Banners from there.
Content Management>>Banners>> “Add”
The banner uploaded by Store Admin will be displayed on the store storefront exclusively for that store storefront only not to any other store or Default Stores.

5- 3. Can I assign the printer to a store?

Yes, you can assign the printer to store indirectly. Assign a product to a printer and that product is created only for a specific store so ultimately, the printer is assigned to store.
Step 1: Step the assignment of printer as product wise from Store configuration.
Store Configuration>>Settings>>Store configuration>> “Define how to assign orders to printer” and Set this as “Product wise”
Note: If this is set as order wise then you will not be able to assign the product to the printer and ultimately you will not be able to assign the printer to the store.
Step 2: Assign that product to the printer you want to assign from Business Partners.
Business Partners>>Printer>>Action>>Assign Product>>select the product you want to assign. Printer Assign.png
e.g. Letterhead product is assigned to the Test Printer as shown in the figure. Printer Assign 2.png
Step 3: Assign this product (letterhead) to the specific store, this will indirectly assign the printer to the store.
Product>>Products>>Action>>Edit>>User Type>> “Select the specific store”

5- 4. Can I have separate/custom payment method for store?

Yes, you can have distinct/separate/custom payment method for your store clients.
Also you can set the credit/advance payment method for your store clients.
Store Management>>Store>>Action>>Edit>>Configuration Settings>>Payment Options>>Custom
Payment 1.png

5- 5. How can I manage my store client's billing and shipping address?

You can change the shipping and billing address for specific store customer from:
Admin > Store management > Store > Select “Specific store” > Action > Manage Address

Manage address.png

You can also add/Edit/delete Shipping and billing address From manage address also you can create address for department specific.

Manage address Main.png
5- 6. Can I set the inventory for the store customer?

You can set the inventory for store clients for each product.
Store Management>>Inventory>>Select the Store

5- 7. I do not want to display Estimated Date of Delivery on storefront for my store clients; however, I want to display for my default store customers.

You can set the estimated date of Delivery for default stores as well as for store clients. You can select for which type of Clients (All stores and/or All Default Stores) you want to display the Estimated Date of Delivery from Store Configuration>>Settings>>Store configuration>> “Display Estimated Delivery Date at Storefront” >> Select the user type.

Note : You cannot set this for specific stores.

Estimated Delivery date.png

5- 8. How can I create multiple Admins for my store client?

If your store Admin has multiple Admin users then they can create multiple admin users by themselves also. They can also give specific/limited admin rights depending upon the role of the user.

Create Admin User and give user ID and password for that user. Admin>>Admin>>Add
Multiple admin.png

5- 9. Can I have Store Specific Sub-Domain or Store Domain URL for my store store?

Yes, you can have Store Specific Sub-Domain or Store Domain URL for your store store. Please note it’s available as an Add-on. If you need it, please write an email to support@onprintshop.com.

Earlier: http://domain.com/store/yummyrestaurant
Now: http://yummyrestaurant.domain.com OR http://yummyrestaurant.com

5- 10. Can I customize look & feel similar to default store storefront theme store wise?

Yes, if your storefront has multiple Default Store Themes, then you can select a specific theme for your store.
It’s an Add-on Feature as we provide only one theme. If you need it, please write an email to support@onprintshop.com. Once technical team makes required changes, you can follow the Below Path:
Admin >> Store Management >> Stores >> Action >> Personalize >> Theme Configuration >> Select Theme Theme configuration.png

5- 11. Can I make changes in existing theme specifically for store store?

Yes, you will be able to change the whole theme for the store and define a total different theme apart from the default theme for the default store store front from below Path:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Action > Personalize > Theme Configuration > Custom Theme
Theme configuration-1.png

5- 12. What other options your platform have to make a different look and feel for store store?

We have provided different Branding Color Options by selecting them you can change the total look and feel of the store store. Follow the below path:
Admin > Store Management > Stores > Action > Personalize > Theme Configuration > Choose Color

Theme configuration-1.png