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Assign Products to Store

Assign Products to Store

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Products' Option

This section enlists all the products assigned to the Store at the time of Adding Product in the 'Assigned' section and enlists only for default store product in the 'Unassigned' section.

The 'Available to' section shows that whether the product is assigned to All Store or to specific store.

The products which are assigned to both Store and Default Store - 'Both' is mentioned in their 'Available to' column.

If you do not want to set specific Store prices for products, then you can set price in percentage (%) on default store prices. (Ex: If you set 10% then the system will calculate 10% on default store prices and set the prices for store after reducing 10% from default store price)

Also, the system gives a quick link leading to the product price to view/set store price.


In the 'Unassigned' Tab, Admin can check the list of products not assigned to the Store.

Using the Assigned toggle button Admin can quickly assign any product to the Store. Set a percentage for the Store price or follow the quick link leading to Product Price and set the Product's Store Price and Default Store Price.

The page also contains quick navigation to add products into the system using - 'Add Product' section.