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Archive Orders

Archive Orders

Archive orders are the orders that have been completed or fulfilled and closed by you. It is considered one of the best practices to archive the orders as it gives an accurate number of the remaining orders to be fulfilled. Moving orders to the Archive section will reduce down the clutter from the 'List Orders' section and give you a concise view.

Also, you can set a time that will auto-archive the orders. You can find the setting in the Store Configuration Section.


Search Menu - The search bar of Archived Orders works the same as in the List Orders section. You can search orders by order date, status, delivery type, payment status, user type, order amount and other traits. For more please refer to this section.

Bulk Actions - You can select multiple orders at once and perform bulk actions such as Restore, Delete, and Download Invoice. With bulk actions you can perform multiple actions at once, reducing your time and effort.

To perform a mass action on orders, select the orders, then select actions from the Action Dropdown and click on Submit.


Action Menu of Archived Orders


By clicking on the Action dropdown, you can perform certain limited actions on the Archived Orders.

  • View/Update Order - This action will give you a chance to view the Order Details, Customer details such as Billing and Shipping address, Payment Details, Order Product details, and Order history. Although, there are no provisions to edit the order, or update it under any circumstances.
  • Restore - There can be a scenario when a customer wants any change in the order after you have completed the order and archived it. For such cases, we have given a Restore option. This will restore the order and sent it to List Orders section.
  • Download Invoice - For the business purpose or for taxation it is possible that you would require the invoice. Keeping this in mind we have also kept a download invoice link for each archived orders. You can easily download the invoice using this option.
  • Delete - A two-step delete function is offered in the system. There can be a scenario when your Archive Orders section gets filled with lakhs of 10-year-old orders. In such a case, you can easily clear the clutter using the delete option.

Export & Print Archived Orders

To keep a track of fulfilled aka archived orders you can easily download an excel file for the same or print the orders.

For this, we have given a quick link in the top left corner.

How to Auto-Archive Orders?

We understand how orders can fill your List Orders space very easily. To get rid of the clutter automatically we have given an auto-archive feature in the system.

To enjoy the feature, go to,

Admin > Store Configuration > Settings > Search “archive” > Order Auto Archive (Select “Yes”)