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Admin Module72

Admin Section Enhancements

Easy Navigation Between Store & Super Admin Login

We have linked multiple Store Admin account with the Super Admin Account to streamline account management and easily switch between accounts.


The Super Admin will find a dropdown with all the Active Stores and they can switch into any of the admins. When the super admin switches to any other Store Admin, then they’ll find a Login Dropdown to get back to the Super Admin account.

Note – This account switch dropdown only appears in the Super Admin’s account and not on a Store Admin account.

Import Language Text Reference for Studio and Admin constants

Import Studio Text References

  • In this release, we have added a facility of Bulk Import of ‘Language text reference’ for the Designer Studio. This will help you quickly upload language text references for multiple studio languages.
  • Follow the path – Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> Language Text Reference >> Import Studio Language Text Reference


    • The current functionality was quite lengthy, so we have provided an interface to bulk import language text reference using an excel file.
    • Using a 3-Step Feature, Admin can easily fill and upload the excel file.
    • Select Language dropdown will list all the languages enabled by the Admin.

Import Admin Constants

  • Earlier Admin had no facility to import Admin Panel Constants. In order to change or edit them, they were forced to edit every constant individually.
  • Now, we have provided an Import Function to bulk edit the Admin Constants for different languages (if the Admin Panel has a different set of languages, however, English is not available).
  • The current functionality was quite lengthy, so we have provided an interface where using a 3-Step feature Admin can easily update the Admin Constants.
  • Also, in the Sample File downloaded, the English Language Constants Values are provided as samples and better reference.

Report Enhancements

Data Filter in Customer Reports

Customer Report helps you analyze and review summary information about your customers. With the filters provided to create, you can easily create a set of required data and all the key figured will be drilled down according to the selected fields.

Now, we have added a new filter in the Customer Details report – Registration Date and Order Date. This will help Admin analyze customer data more efficiently according to their needs.


Order Detail Report Enhancement

  • An order detail report is comprehensive which includes data of each order, including the sales credit, shipping details product details, and order total. Earlier the order detail reports instored, order details and the details of the product along with Additional Options.
  • To clear the clutter we have bifurcated the Order Information into two tabs – Order Detail and Order Product Details. This will help Admin record Order Details reports in a more comprehensive manner.
  • Go to, Admin >> Reports >> Sales >> Order Detail and Order Product Detail


View All Logs in Admin Panel

  • Our current system had no provision to display Site Log on the Admin Panel. But, from now onwards Admin will get the provision to view Site Log details (as saved by the technical team) such as Payment Error Logs, Shipping Error Logs, Hot Folder Logs and other migration logs from the Log Report Section. They can download the Log File or copy the last 1000 lines from the log for further analysis of data.
  • Go to, Admin >> Reports >> Log >> Site Log


  • This will help Admin keep a record of missing files, missing requests, request coming from the server.
  • We have also optimized the Log sub-menu and provided an interface where the provision to view all logs is available under a log-submenu.

Advanced Validation for Dynamic Form Fields & Extra Fields

Admin has the facility to collect custom information from their customers using the feature of Custom Form Fields. There are various types of forms fields provided with different types of validation options.

  • In this version, we are extending the validation feature offering the Admin to provide their custom validation into any form field created.
  • You can now define advanced validation to the dynamic form fields and the extra fields like allowing an only specific count of characters – only 10 digits for a contact number, allowing only numeric values or alphanumeric values, lowercase letters, uppercase letters to name a few.
  • A new validation option named – ‘Other’ is added for the Textbox Fields. Here, Admin is free to enter any Regular Expression and create their custom validation. Using the help provided, Admin can create any regular expression and the system will validate the input (provided from the front end) as per the expression added.
  • If the value does not match with the regular expression then an error will be displayed. This error message is defined by the Admin from the ‘Validation Message’ textbox.


Deactivate Customer Account

If a customer wishes to delete their account then a good user experience would be the one allowing them to delete their account.

Keeping in mind certain factors such as – user convenience and satisfaction, risk mitigation etc., we are introducing a new feature that will allow customers to Deactivate their account This feature is controlled using a site variable, connect the technical team for the same.


  • The option will only be available if there are no due pending of the customer and it is not a guest customer.
  • Customers will be asked to choose from a set of reasons before deactivating their account and the circumstances they will have to face after will be shown in a warning followed by an Account Deactivation Email.

Admin Side –


Admin can view the comment entered by the customer while deactivating the account in the ‘View Customers’ section of the customer’s account.

Minor Enhancements

Notify Customer and Admin on Profile Update

We have created a new email campaign to be triggered on every User Account activity (either performed by Admin or Customers themselves).

From now onwards with a simple Site Setting your customers (both store and default store) will receive a ‘User Update’ email.

  • Admin will have the option to enable/disable the email notification for a group of customers (default store or store or both).

Facebook Shopping Feeds

Facebook shopping feed is a fantastic opportunity for sellers to promote their catalog of products to Facebook users. For the feed, you need to create a Facebook Catalogue that holds information about inventory, images, prices, description and more.

For this, we have added a feature using which you can generate special Facebook Shopping Feed XML and update the Facebook data feed file to a catalog or update an existing one


  • Follow the path – Admin >> SEO >> Sitemaps >> Shopping Feed For Google, Facebook

Check Order Count of Hot Selling Product in the Dashboard Graph

  • For better data visualization, analysis, and understand your order trends, we have added a new bar of ‘Order Count’ in the graph of ‘Hot Selling Products’.


Branch Admin Enhancements

  • Assign Quote to Branch and Maintain Quote History Log
    • Admin will now get the provision to assign the quote to Branch Admins. This will help Admins reduce their quote burden and distribute the work equally according to their business model.
    • Follow the path – Admin >> Quote Management >> View Quotes >> Any Quote >> Action Menu >> ‘Edit’ Option >> Update Quote Section


    • Super Admin will get a Branch dropdown on the Edit Quote page, and they can assign the quote to any branch. Any activity involving the Branch admin will also be recorded into the Quote History log. This will help Admin maintain and track the quote activity.
  • Branch Admin name on ‘View Customers Page’
    • Earlier, it was very difficult for the Super Admin to differentiate between the branch customers and regular customers. From now onwards we will display Branch Name on the customer view page only if the customer belongs to any branch.


  • Notify branch on Their Customer’s Activity
    • Earlier no email or notification was triggered to branch on their customers’ activities. From now every Branch Admin will receive notifications whenever their customer perform any sort of activity (quote activity, order activity, etc.)