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Add Store

Create Store Account

Admin Panel >> Store Management >> Stores >> '+Add' Button (top-right corner)

Click on the '+Add' to add any store from the Admin Panel. The 'Add Store' section is divided into 4 different sections - Store Details, Configuration Setting, Content Setting, and General Setting.

Store Details

This includes the basic store details such as names, domain, URL, etc.


  • Store Name - This is the Store Name to be displayed at the Store Admin Panel.
  • To Email - This will be treated at the Store Admin's email id. All the updates regarding the Store activities will be first sent to this email address.
  • From Email - This is the 'From Email Address'. Store Customers will receive emails regarding updates or any other activities from this email id.
  • Reply to email - This will be considered as the 'Reply to' email address, when a Store Customers replies to the email notifications.
  • Sub-domain Name - The sub-domain entered here will be appended with your Store URL.
    For example, if your store website is onprintshop.com and you enter Store Sub-Domain Name as - store1, then the URL of the Store will be store1.onprintshop.com
  • Main Store URL - Enter the main Store URL (if you wish to assign any).
Note – Store Customers can access both the Sub Domain assigned to Store as well as the Main Store URL to visit the front store.
  • Store Logo - Upload an image file of the Store Logo.
    Suggested image size is 300px(width) X 70px(height))
  • Store Favicon - A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon. Upload an ico file of an image associated with the particular store.
  • Name - This fields includes the name of Store Admin.
  • Username - This is an identification used by the Store to login into its Admin Panel to access the backend of his web store.
  • Password - This field is used in the conjuncture of Username, which grants Store Admin the access to the Admin Panel.
  • Phone Number - Enter the contact number of the Store.

Configuration Settings


This section will help the Admin make arrangements for the correct functioning of the Store Web Store. This section includes the setting of Payment, Shipping, Language, Currency and Email Connection Options.

If the selection is set to 'Default' then all the active options in the category will be available to the Store Customers.

In the 'Custom' option the system provides all the active options in the category. Thus, the Admin can customize the fields for Store Customers.


For example, in the 'Custom' Shipping Options, the system listed all the active shipping options available. Admin can make choices and select the Shipping options for the particular Store's customers.

Further, Admin can make choices to provide only selected Shipping Types available for the customers. This feature will allow the Site Admin to set and manage shipping type for the Custom Shipping Options - Expedite (Weight-Based), Ground (Weight-Based), etc. for the orders of Store Customers.

Content Setting

The content setting section allows Admin to change settings of Store Website features such as CMS, Links, Sidebar Settings, Banners, etc.


We have also provided the My Account's Custom Option Dropdown, the Site Admin and the Store Admin can manage the 'My Account' section and give it a more personalized look. The dropdown lists all the default pages possible in the section


Store Settings

This section covers all the basic settings of the Store, like managing their Pay On Account, setting up their order approval process, providing them an invoice, controlling their email notifications, etc.

1.    Pay On Account

As explained in the Website Customers section, Pay On Account is a great way to improve customer retention. For Store, there are three options for Pay On Account - Disable, Store Wise, Customer Wise.

  • Disable - There will be no pay on account available for the particular Store.
  • Store Wise - The pay on limit assigned will be applicable to the entire Store or Departments of the Store.
  • Customer Wise - The Pay on limit will be made available to each customer in the Store.

If Site Admin enables the Pay On Account Option, then the following options will appear

  • Pay On Limit - Enter the credit limit to be allotted to the Store.
  • Order Approval - This option will send all the Orders to the assigned Approvers, for their approval. There are various approval rights set in the system. Check access roles. Only the approved orders will be shown in the Orders Section.
  • Show Price to Customer - This will show/hide the price from the Store Customers with/without any alternative text.

Enabling the Order Approval process will display the following options

  • External Approval - We have extended the Order Approval functionality to the external user(s). Now, while placing an order the Store Customer can enter the email address of the external user who is not part of the system and also get the order approved by them. The External Approver will receive an email along with a link to approve/reject the order.
  • Allow User to cancel an order - This gives Store Customer(s) an opportunity to cancel the order(s), while the order is in 'Approval Process'. This feature will help customers to pass on only the required order(s).


2.    Department

Enable the option if the Store has a division. This will enable the Department Module of the particular store. See more in the Department Section.

3.    Fixed Billing Address

Enable the toggle if you want to restrict Store Customers from changing the Billing Address of their orders. Add billing Addresses from Store Addresses.

4.    Fixed Shipping Address

Enable the toggle if you want to restrict Store Customers from changing the Shipping Address of their orders. Add shipping Addresses from Store Addresses.


  • If the Shipping Address for a Store are kept fixed, then at the Payment / Shipping Details page there will be Customer Name added along with office name.
  • V733.png

  • This will help the store figure out which customer has placed the order, thus eliminating any room of confusion.

5.    Enable Authorization for registering users?

This allows Site Admin to restrict Store Customers from signing into the front store. The options available are -

No - There will be no authorization required. The store customers directly be able to log in after a successful sign-up.

Authorize from Admin - After successful sign-up, the Store Customer will be able to log into the system only after the Store Admin activates the Customer's account.

Authorize with Email Verification - After successful sign-up, the Store Customer will be able to log in, only after completing the email verification process.

6.    Quick Checkout

Quick checkout will display all the products assigned to Store on one web page with a quick link to the product info page.

7.    Store Fields

These are the special fields created by Admin. They include Store Customer Information that can be used in the Designer Studio to update the product template information.

No - Store forms fields will be filled by the customers only.

Optional - Store form fields data will be fill up by end-users. After login in 'My Account' menu, Store Customers should fill up data in Store Fields section.

Mandatory - Store Form Fields data will be fill up by Store Customers. After login Store Fields will populate immediately and made compulsory to be filled by customers.


8.    Allow Tax Exemption 

This toggle will make the Store Tax Exempt i.e. tax free.

9.    Manage Invoice

  • Both - This option is useful when certain orders will be paid individually and certain by multiple orders amount at once periodically. Store Admin and Store Customers will be able to download the invoice.
  • Order Wise Only - This option is useful when Store Customers or Store Admin will pay for each order. Thus, they will be able to download an invoice for each order.
  • Bulk Order Only - This is useful when Store Admin pays for multiple orders at once periodically. Site Admin generates the invoice and Store Admin gets to download the invoice. Side Admin's logo is displayed on these invoices.

10.    Manage Email Notifications

With this feature the Site Admin and Store Admin have the rights to disable the unnecessary email notifications.

  • The system provides a drop-down of all the email notifications possible.
  • Site Admin and the Store Admin can check the notification about the specific activities and help Store Admin receive only the required emails in their inbox.