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Add Canvas Product

Canvas Product

We have introduced a new product type – Canvas Product. A canvas product is printed on a Canvas, which is stretched into a frame. Canvas is most widely used as interior décor and customized with photographs.

Now, with simple steps, you can also provide the service of Canvas Printing to your customers. Follow the page to understand, how you can add Canvas Product into your Admin Panel and how you can bind the Additional Options and give them the Canvas visualization. With simple steps can also add Multiple Photo and Split Photo Canvas for your customer.

To Add Canvas Product

Product Details

Go to, Admin >> Products >> Add Product 

The process of adding a canvas product remains the same as adding any other standard product. You may refer to the Add Product Section.

To add a Canvas Product: choose the product type as ‘Canvas’.

In the product sub-type choose 'Single Photo Canvas'

Rest all the settings remain the same as explained in the Add Product section. Add description, product images, choose the color palette and other settings related to the product.


Designer Options

Different Canvas Products can have a size(s), depending upon your product offerings. For more refer to check Product Size.

Product Price

According to the Pricing method defined, you can add different prices for different quantities. Refer to Price Configuration to learn more.

Additional Options

These are additional attributes of the Canvas Product. Some of the possible attributes are – Frame type, the Canvas Edges, Frame Border, Canvas Effects and many more.

Just like standard products you can add different additional options for your canvas product.

Note – We have to bind these Additional Options will later with the System’ Events and Attributes for product visualization.


As shown in the above picture, we have created 4 different Additional Options with a different set of attributes.

Note – For further explanation of Canvas Product, these Additional options and their attributes will be taken in reference.

The Option Rules, Metatag Description, Product Gallery and Settings of Canvas Type Product remain the same as the Standard Product. For any assistance, you can anytime contact the Technical Team.


This is the new tab introduced for Canvas Product.

Here you will have to bind all your Additional Options with the Events (created by OPS TEAM). This binding will lead to the visualization of the Canvas Product at the frontend otherwise your Canvas product will remain static.

For example –


As shown in the image, on the selection of the Mirror option as Edge Design; the system shows the actual mirror effect on the Canvas. This gives customers a clear understanding of each effect.

Similar to the mirror option, when a customer clicks on any other attribute of Canvas Edge such as – Black, White, or Folded: they can see the change in effect at the design side of the product page.

How to Bind the Additional Options with Pre-Defined Events?

To make the Additional Options work on the Product Page, you (Admin) have to bind each of their Additional Option with a set of events and their attributes.

With the data binding process, each data change gets reflected automatically on the product page by the elements that are bound together (as shown above in the example).

Under the ‘Canvas’ tab, you can see a list of Additional Options created for the Canvas Product. As per the general specification of Canvas Product, we have created pre-defined events, namely – Frame Thickness, Canvas Effects, Canvas Edges, and Frame. 


Learn to bind each of your PRODUCT’s ADDITIONAL OPTION with the PRE-DEFINED EVENTS created.

This option determines the thickness of the Canvas Frame.

  • For the canvas product, we have created two standard frame thickness attributes – 0.75 inches, 1.5 inches, and an ‘OTHER’ option
  • Select the Frame Thickness Additional Option and choose the Frame Thickness event and the attribute associated.
  • If you have any other frame thickness attribute then, under Event Attribute choose the Other option and enter the thickness value in pixel.


Similarly, you can bind other Frame Thickness Additional Options with the Frame Thickness Events. Here, you can see that we have bound the 1.5 Inch Additional Option with the 1.5 attribute of the Frame Thickness Event, and so on.


Just like the Canvas Thickness, you can bind Frame Types, Canvas Edges and Canvas Effects with the pre-defined Events and their attributes.

Binding of Canvas Edges


Similarly, bind the other Canvas Edges options.


Binding of Canvas Effects


Similarly, bind the other Canvas Effects additional options.


Binding of Frame Type


Similarly, bind the other Frame Types.

Note – For color attribute, Admin will have to enter the HEX value for the Frame Color. For décor and premium options Admin would need to upload Top and Left frame design images.


Note: In any case you are not able to find a suitable Event Attribute for your Additional Option, then compulsorily bind them with ‘None’ options provided.

After successfully binding each of your additional options with the associated event and its attribute, your customers will get a clear visualization of the Canvas Product. See example below –


Canvas Default Events

With this feature Admin can add canvas products with default events without creating additional options.


  • Here, choose default events attributes for the required events (created by OnPrintShop technical team) only and save it for the particular product.
  • At the front store, the canvas product will load with these default events and if the customer selects any other Additional Options for personalization then the default events will be over-ridden.