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4Over Integration

4over integration OPSv7.1

What is 4Over?

4over is a well-known US-based Trade Printer (4over.com).

What is 4Over API Integration?

4Over has an API integration service that allows you to configure their products into your OnPrintShop website, receive orders, transfer them into the 4Over system and further process the order.

However, depending upon your plan with OnPrintShop we offer different kinds of 4Over Integration services.

Basic Integration

For basic integration you'll need to add the RSS Feed URL from 4Over into the Admin Panle. Get the URL from - 4over >> Resources >> RSS Feed.

Sample URL - https://trade.4over.com/feed/rss.php?id=10l5dw3k

This integration is available to those using the Standard OnPrintShop Solution.

Here, the 4over API integration will help you in updating the order product status and tracking number in OnPrintShop. There will be a provision in the system from where the OnPrintShop system will automatically get the order product status and tracking number from the 4over system through an API for the specific order.

In this integration scenario, OnPrintShop Admin will have to create orders on 4Over.com to fulfill the once received into their system.

After the order, following services will be provided by 4Over Integration.

Order Status Update

  • The order product status will be updated using the 4Over API Integration. Admin will collect a Job reference ID from the 4Over order.
  • From the system, Admin will be to import all the order product status from the 4over system.
  • The OPS system will use the 4over job ID, to get the current order product status of the order from 4over and will update order product status in the OnPrintShop system.

Order Tracking Number Update

  • The API integration will help Admin in updating the tracking using 4over API integration if the order product status is “Shipped”.
  • With a job ID, the integration will allow the Admin to get the current tracking number of the order from 4over and will update the tracking number in OnPrintShop.

Pro Enterprise Integration

This integration is available to those using the Enterprise and Licensed OnPrintShop Solution.

Here, the 4over API integration will help to sync, create and offer the products to your end-users (customers) on OnPrintStore front store that are offered by 4over. The end-user shall place an order on the OnPrintStore front store which then will be transferred to 4over for printing and delivery.

This integration involves three major steps mentioned below:

Product Sync

  • All the products offered by 4over when created in OnPrintshop will be listed in the ‘Product’ module of OnPrintShop with a ‘(4over)’ word suffixed in product title for bifurcation.     
  • The admin will be able to view the prices for the respective product in the ‘View Details’ screen.

Order Transfer

  • There will be a three-step order transfer process to transfer the order received on your OnPrintShop store to the 4Over system.
  • Admin will also be able to transfer OnPrintShop products to 4over from the order transfer screen.

Order Status Sync

  • There is an Order Sync button provided to update the order status from 4over to OnPrintShop.
  • There will be a provision of CRON job which will be executed at regular intervals of time which will fetch the detail of all the order ID configured against order products in OnPrintShop System by the Admin.
  • The Order status of the order products will be updated accordingly in the system, once the order status is shipped the tracking number for the order products will also be updated in the system.

Thus, depending upon your OnPrintShop solution you will be able to enjoy different 4Over API Integration. To understand more you can anytime connect with the technical support team or upgrade your OnprintShop plan.