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3D Packaging Solution


Offer your customers a range of different Package products: Product Box, Mailer Box and Shipping Box with easy customization and real-time preview in 3D.

Note: Apart from mentioned boxes, we are flexible to add different packaging boxes on request based on feasibility with additional cost.

Allow your customers to select a packaged product for if personalization, enter the custom size, add background, images, logo, gradient clipart, etc. for the branding and view everything in 3D preview screen simultaneously.

Key features of Package product include –

  • Your customers will have a new user experience adding and editing the package products.
  • A 3D Preview screen that shows the real-time preview of product customization in 3D.
  • Admin can configure multiple Admin-only additional options for the packages. These additional options will not be displayed at the Front-Store but will only be utilized for product price calculation.

    Example: You can create creasing, cutting, folding, etc. product options that are not shown to customers but their price is calculated based on length.

  • Customers can customize the design in the Studio or upload their existing designs before the checkout.
  • We have introduced ‘Advanced Variable Formula’ for this product.
  • The formula will be available for custom size as well as for predefined size products.
  • The price calculation for packages will be based on Length x Width x Depth