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Store Section80

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Corporate/B2B Enhancements

Download artwork without placing an order

Now, we have given a provision to download print-ready files for Corporate Customers before placing an order. Admin can any time enable/disable this feature from Product Setting.

  • This setting is available for all products for printing and pre-defined products. To find the setting go to Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> Setting >> General tab
  • File:Corporate Section7454.png

  • We have made this feature available only for the Corporate Customers, but for Kit and Pre-defined Products, it is available for both Corporate and Retailer Customers.
  • The download button is available for the printable products if the template is created with type – Customizable, Non-Customizable, PDF Block, and Upload Print ready.
  • On the Browse Design page only non-customizable and uploaded print-ready files will be downloaded.
  • The download button will be available at the following instances – Corporate checkout page, Additional information page, User Portfolio page, and Additional options page landing via browse design and custom design pages.
  • Store Section7455.png

  • When the customer clicks on the Download button, the print-ready file will be downloaded on the same screen.
  • To track the downloaded templates we have added a new report under Customer Reports named as – Download Print File.
  • File:Corporate Section7456.png

  • On the Download Print File Listing screen, Customer Details, Product Details, Template Name, and Download Time will be displayed.

Corporate invoice – Auto-update order payment status

Till now, Admin had to manually change the paid status of orders paid via the Pay on Account. After the pay-on limit was credited back to the account the payment status remained Unpaid.

Now onwards, whenever you mark a raised Corporate Invoice as paid, the payment status of all the Order ID associated with the Invoice will be auto-updated to ‘Paid’ if the payment method is – Pay On Account.

Under Manage Pay-on Account of corporate customers, we have added a Select Orders option. Click to select the orders that will appear in a pop-up. All the orders (of the customer) paid via Pay-on Account and are remaining to be credited back will be listed in the pop-up.

Store Section7451.png

Select the orders to mark – Paid.

File:Corporate Section7452.png

Under Order History, the order will be marked as paid as shown below –

File:Corporate Section7453.png

Re-direction to Corporate Login Page

Earlier, the login link sent to Corporate Customers in the email was of Retailer Customers.

Now, we have fixed this issue and set the respective corporate login links in all the email templates related to Corporate Customers.