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Corporate/B2B Section Enhancements

Corporate Order Approval Enhancements

  • Multi-level Approval
    Currently, in our standard solution, the order approval process is confined only to Super and Partial level approver. Any corporate customer with these rights was only able to approve the order. We are extending the order approval process using Multi-Level hierarchy.
    • The hierarchy of Level Approval process goes in a sequential manner i.e. Level 1à Level 2à Level 3 à Level 4 à Level 5 and so on, as determined by the Admin.
    • The Order Approval process works the same as the previous versions, only with the addition of new Level Approvers the system sends the Order Approval email to the initial level approver(s) along with Super and Partial level approvers.


  • External User Approval
    Currently, the order approval authority is confined only to the corporate existing Customers. We have extended this functionality to the external user(s). Now, while placing an order the Corporate Customer can enter the email address of the external user who is not part of the system and also get the order approved by them. The External Approver will receive an email along with a link to approve/reject the order.
    • Following this feature, a new function is added in the Corporate Setting named – ‘External Approval’ wherein Admin can choose to keep the External Approver’s email field optional or Mandatory to fill at the front end.
  • Partial Order Approval
    The current system had no provisions or feature for partial order approval. The approvers were allowed to either fully approve or fully reject the order. On request, we have created provisions for Super Approver to approve partial order (i.e. delete product(s) as required) from the order placed.
    • Admin will get a Partial Order approval option in the Order Approval setting of ‘Corporate Setting’. This will activate a ‘Delete’ button adjacent to all the products in the order.
    • The system has authorized only the Super Approver(s) to partially approve the order by confirmation pop-up which asks for comments and then only lets the Super Approver(s) to delete the product. Also, the pop-up warns the Super Approver(s) and informs that they cannot revert the action.
    • In the case Super Approver deletes any product(s), then the system recalculates the shipping cost, taxes, and order value as per the products deleted.
  • Order Modification while Approval
    Our earlier systems only allowed the Corporate Admin to modify the orders and there were no provisions for Corporate Order Approvers to do any kind of modification in the order. Now, following the demand, we have given Super Approver the rights to modify the order before approving it. Corporate customer with approving rights as ‘Super’ can now amend (update) ordered Quantity and Additional Options and then send the order for further processes.
    • Now the system gives an ‘Order Modify Permission’ toggle only to the Super Approvers.


    • This feature will provide an Edit Order option besides each product at the time of order approval. Using the calculator, the super approver can modify the quantity and additional information about the product.


    • According to the modified product quantity and additional options, the system will recalculate the Production Days, Shipping days, Production Time, Payment Details and other factors affecting the quantity and additional options of the product.
  • Provision to Cancel the order by Corporate Customer before Approval
    In the latest version, we have given the Corporate Customer the chance to cancel the order(s) placed by them while the order is in ‘Approval Process’. This feature will help customers to only pass on the required order(s).  
    • For this feature, we have added a ‘Allow User to Cancel Order’ toggle in the Corporate Setting section.
    • This feature will add a ‘Cancel Order’ button at the Order Details page and allow Corporate Customers to delete the order.


    • Once the customer cancels an order, all the Approvers associated with the Order will be notified via email, saying the Order has been Canceled by the Customer.

Corporate wise configuration settings

Earlier in our system all the configuration settings were all placed in common ‘Configuration Settings’. Now we have collected all the configuration settings related to ‘Corporate’ and clubbed them in ‘Settings’ tab in corporate profile. For easy management of corporate settings.


Multiple Corporate With Same Email ID

The current system restricted customers from registering as a retailer and as a corporate customer in multiple corporates using the same Email ID. This deprived customer from having multiple accounts in different corporates with same email id.

In the latest version, we have made the email registration structure more open by allowing customers to use the same email id in Multiple Corporates.

  • This gives customer the required flexibility in using the solution as per their changing business requirements.
  • To make this feature work a unique URL format is taken in practice for new user registration, login and forgot password functionalities.

Navigation & Help Enhancement for Corporate Admin

Provision for the Corporate Admin to navigate quickly to the module/functionality which are frequently used. Also a help for fields will be provided for better understanding of each element of the system eliminating any room of confusion or doubt.

Provisions are constantly made to improve the navigation in the Admin Panel and understand the module/functionality which are frequently used. Now we have worked relentlessly to improve the Admin UI and provide the Help section enhancements.

  • We modified the Corporate ‘Products’ tabs, and changed them to Assigned and Unassigned, with ease for the Site Admin and Corporate Admin to navigate in the product listing.


  • We have also changed the naming convention of our most used corporate feature Corporate Profile to “Corporate Fields”.
  • Also, in the Add Corporate Fields section, there will be an open room for Corporate Admin to create User Wise Personalization fields and Template Personalization Fields (dropdown). For easy selection, we have provided a radio button option, as shown below.


  • To make the navigation easy and subtle, we have provided a new kind of central dashboard for the Corporate Admin. From easy controls, they can easily manage and monitor departments, customers, products, templates and more.


  • We have changed the naming conventions of our used features and added relevant help sections to provide a better understanding of each feature, thus eliminating any room of confusion

Online payment for Corporate Users for Pay On Account

Currently, only our retailer customers had the option to do a prepaid top-up in their Pay On Accounts. Now, we have extended this functionality for our B2B customers also.

  • Using this feature the Corporate Customer can now add top-up in their Pay On Account when the pay on account management of the Corporate is set to Customer wise.
  • Once a Payment Gateway is enabled by the Site Admin, the Corporate Customers will get an ‘Add Pay On Balance’ button under My Account >> Pay On Account History wherein they can add top-up to their pay on accounts.


Corporate Address Sync with Template Personalization

Earlier in a Corporate profile separate address in ‘Manage address’ as well as in ‘Template Personalization’ were to be maintained though both the addresses were same.

  • For better user convenience we have added a facility in address screen to sync the particular address with template personalization.
  • With this facility enabled address entered in Address section of Corporate will be auto reflected in template personalization section.
  • For this we have provided a toggle button in the ‘Add Address’ section – Sync with Template Personalization. If this toggle button is on then the system performs a lookup for Address Data Blocks in Corporate Fields
  • If a block is found then address mapping is done for the blocks, and the remaining blocks are kept blank.


Corporate Minor Enhancements

My Account’ links management control for Site Admin

In the current system, there are several links in the ‘My Account’ section of Corporate Website which were of no use to the Corporate Customers. Now we have removed the extra links and given a more customized look and feel to the ‘My Account’ section of Corporates.

  • We have added a new feature in Corporate Content Setting >> ‘My Account Links’. The options are namely; Default, Custom, None.
  • Using the Custom Option Dropdown, the Site Admin and the Corporate Admin can manage the ‘My Account’ section and give it a more personalized The dropdown lists all the default pages possible in the section


Unique Invoice ID Generation

Now onwards for each corporate invoice, a unique sequential invoice ID will be auto-generated by the system. This system generated unique invoice number will be displayed at the Raised Invoice section of the Corporate Invoice. Earlier a random number was generated by clicking on ‘Generate’ button or Admin had to enter manually.


Department Specific Billing Address

Earlier in our system, while invoice generation, the address was specific to the corporate address. Now we have added an ability through which department wise specific billing address can be set for Invoice.

Corporate Specific Shipping Type

This feature will allow the Site Admin to set and manage shipping type for the Custom Shipping Options – Expedite (Weight Based), Ground (Weight Based), etc. for the orders of Corporate Customers.

  • When Admin selects any Custom Shipping option, the system will list down all the Shipping Options in the Shipping Type


Enhancement in Email Notification Settings

Why fill the Corporate Admin’s and Corporate Manager’s inbox with loads of email notifications? Our current system had no provision to disable unnecessary email notifications.

Now we are making the system a little advanced which gives the Site Admin and Corporate Admin the rights to disable the unnecessary email notifications.

  • The system provides a drop-down of all the email notifications possible under in Corporate Setting >> ‘Disable Email Notification’.
  • Site Admin and the Corporate Admin can check the notification about the specific activities and help Corporate Admin receive only the required emails in their inbox.


Hiding Price Label in Front Store while Hide Price Setting is ON

Our current system hides the product price from the Corporate Customers with a label and an alternative text at the front store. Now we have made it configurable.

  • Once the Admin disables the price visibility, they were asked to provide an alternative text for the price. If a text was not provided by Admin the ‘--’ symbol was used instead of Price
  • Now, if the Admin keeps the ‘Alternative Price Text’ blank, then the Price Label(s) will automatically be hidden from Corporate Customers.

Shipping and Billing Address Restriction Based on Corporate Shipping/Billing Settings

Now onwards if for a Corporate has ‘Quick Signup’ setting enabled and has fixed Billing and/or Shipping address, then on any Corporate Customer’s registration on storefront, fixed address will be automatically displayed. Thus reliving the customer from the pain of entering or selecting the billing/shipping address.

Few Settings Removed from Corporate Admin

The settings distantly for Site Admin is set made hidden for the Corporate Admin. These settings are either disabled or only a label is shown with the option.

  • We have hidden/disabled the corporate features distantly for Site Admin, thus making for Corporate Admin to navigate among the features.
  • We have disabled the ‘Allow Tax Exemption’ toggle and hidden ‘Content Configuration’ Also, the Directory Name and Manage Invoice are only available as a label, with other minor changes.

Cost Center Code field for Corporate Department

We have introduced Cost Center Code for all departments of the Corporate. The main function of the Cost Center is to track the expenses of the department. Accounting for resources at a finer level such as a cost center will help Corporate in more accurate forecasts and calculations based on future changes.

  • Cost Center Code will help Corporate Admin to manage a naming convention for their department(s), as per general methodology followed in the market.
  • This field will be displayed on Department Listing Page & Order Information Pages like View Order Detail, Export Orders, Export Order API, and generate Order Details Report, etc.

Easily Download Order CSV File in Mass Personalization

An option to download the Mass Personalized File from the Admin Panel is made available. The file can be downloaded from the List Order >> View/Update Order. Currently, the Admin was only able to access the excel file from the ‘Bulk PDF Generate’ section.

  • A download button is provided at the ‘Order Product Details’ section of the order along with the file name.

Theme change for Super Admin and Corporate Admin

For quick effortless ‘user type’ identification i.e. whether the logged-in user is Super admin or normal admin we have applied distinct theme color. Super Admin will have the default one which we currently have while rest of the admin – Corporate, Branch, Printer, Designer, Sales agent, and Workflow Admin will have a black theme.