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Website Themes

Website Themes

A theme is an overall look, feel and style of your website. This includes various elements such as color schemes, layouts, and style elements. A good website theme gives impacts a great impression on your customers, as it is a direct representation of your brand.


The dashboard lists all the storefront themes available, you can take a quick preview of the themes and select one as your storefront theme.

Website Logos


This is the screen where you can add a logo for each store user type and the default store. From the User Type dropdown select the Store to add logos for various instances, such as – logo for mobile, favicon, site logo, email logo, logo for studio and studio app logo.


You can repeat the above steps for every store added into your system and customize their appearance. The system will refer to the logos uploaded from this interface and display them in the front store. However, certain conditions need to be taken care of while uploading the logo. While uploading the files please make sure they are of the proper resolution, as the system will display the image as it is.

Action Menu

Every website theme will have a dropdown of Action Menu, with quick actions. For example, you can preview the theme, define theme settings, and write a custom CSS and JS for the theme.


  • Preview: Opens the theme in a new tab, allowing you to preview the look-and-feel of your storefront in that theme. The theme will perform based on its default setting configuration.
  • Theme Settings: Quick link to change settings for a particular theme. You will get a list of 20+ different kinds of settings you can change and customize your website appearance. We have taken care of every single object of a website and given options for it, thus giving you the flexibility to choose the design layout.
  • Custom CSS:If you have a dedicated designer or a webs developer then you can easily write a custom CSS for your website.
    • For all stores to over-write Default Theme CSS, just click on the ‘Store Custom CSS’ link which is available at the top right side on the same page.
    • For particular store, Default Theme CSS can be edited using the ‘Custom CSS’ link in selected Store’s Action menu.
  • Custom JSS: Similar to CSS, you can write custom JSS for your website.


Breadcrumbs navigation generally enhances the way users find their ways around. They improve the findability and thus reduce the number of actions a website visitor has to perform.

Breadcrumbs function similar to the process bars. They are horizontally arranged texts, separated with a “greater than” or any other kind of symbol.

At OnPrintShop, breadcrumb options don’t setup automatically on your website. Contact a support person at support@onprintshop.com to activate breadcrumb options. We have also developed certain breadcrumb styles that you can use on your website.


Also, mention the breadcrumb style you want on your website.

You can personalize your storefront web pages by applying different styles of breadcrumbs. You can choose different breadcrumbs for web pages like Product Flow, Personalize Flow, Checkout Flow, My Account Flow, and Other Pages Flow.


Choose the type and position of the breadcrumb from –

Admin >> Store Configurations >> Settings >> Search "Breadcrumb" >> Display style for Breadcrumbs – Front


Choose breadcrumb style from –

Admin >> Store Configurations >> Settings >> Search "Breadcrumb" >> Breadcrumb Layout style (Click on Help icon to learn more)

You can choose different styles for breadcrumbs, mentioned in the Help icon. You need to contact a technical OnPrintShop consultant for applying different breadcrumb styles.


Example of how breadcrumbs look at the website –