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Template Properties Master

Templates’ Master Properties

Why add separate properties to each template when you can create Master Properties and assign them to as many templates as required?

To reduce your effort in creating separate template properties we have provided a ‘Templates’ Master Properties’ section. Here you can create as many as desired template properties and assign them to the template(s) as per requirements.

Using this section, you can create, edit, and delete template properties using this interface.


At a glance, you can check the list of Template Properties created. It will also show you the property details such as Property Title, Property Type, the type of customer it is assigned to and a few Template Property Details.

Using the search bar, you can easily filter out the template properties with respect to their types.  


Add a Template Property

Just fill the form to create a template property. Use the following instructions for the same –


Property Title – This will help you in identifying the property insights. So it is recommended to use a concise and clear name as Property Title.

User Type – According to your business and B2B requirements you can easily bifurcate the User Type. Assign properties to Default Stores, B2Bs (Store Clients) or Specific B2Bs.  

Type – To keep it convenient we have provided an option named ‘Title’, using this you can easily create properties with different characteristics.

Various property types include the following –

  • Fonts – Create separate master font properties for your templates. The system lists down all the designer fonts and PDF Fonts. You can select any and proceed to create a new property.
  • TemplateMasterProperties140.png

  • Colors – In the printing industry colors play a very important role. Depending on the Printers’ specification one would require to restrict customers from selecting a few colors. So, using this property type create a color master property. All you have to do is enter the HEX values or the CMYK values and add colors to create a property.
  • TemplateMasterUPdate141.png

  • Images – Again for some templates, if you wish to restrict your customers from uploading any image falling outside your printer’s specification then create this property. Upload as many as required images using the ‘Select Image’ button and create a property.
  • MasterProperties142.png

  • Form Fields – Create a property that includes form fields.
  • MasterProperties6.png

Edit a Template Property

You can anytime edit the created properties using the ‘Edit’ option. Go to,