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Promotional Content-Message

Promotional Message

According to your business needs, you will require to timely promote your business, products, services, and offers. Promotional Messages are a type of marketing strategy that businesses develop to promote their products or services.

You can configure a promotional message in any form on your websites, such as Popup, Slider, Toggle, and Top header. Whatever the form it takes, a promotional message is meant to contain a message about a good service that the company is providing.

By default, this section is disabled from the Site Settings. You can enable it with one easy step, go to –

Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Search “promotional message” >> Enable/Disable promotional Message Section (Select Yes)

The promotional message listing page shows a summary of the exiting messages along with their active status. Use the keyword search option available at the top left side of the page to search a particular Promotional Content-Message. Click on the +Add button to create a new promotional message. You will also find a direct link to the Site Settings sections wherein you get the flexibility to disable this feature.


Types of Promotional Messages

We have provided 4 different patterns in which you can create your promotional message – Popup. Slider, Toggle and Top Header. You can get an example of each pattern from the below image.


Add Promotional Message

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Promotional Content/Message >> Add (Top Right Link)

Fill out the form details and click on the ‘Save’ button to instantly create a new promotional message. Various fields in the form are –

Page to be displayed for: Select the page which will display this promotional message. For example, if you select a product page to display the promotional message, the message will only be displayed on that page.

Note: The same page can't be selected again for creating another promotional content/message.

Promotion Pattern: Depending upon the type and width of the message you can easily decide a pattern of the promotional message.

Promotion Message Duration: Every promotional message will have a time duration. Using these date pickers you can choose the start date and end date for the message. Also, you can set a start time in hours and minutes for the message. The promotional message will be displayed for that specific period on the storefront.


Action Menu

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Promotional Content/Message

Edit: Quick link to modify the details of existing promotional content/message.

Delete: Whenever in the use-case scenario you feel that this message is no longer in use then you can easily delete it using the delete function.