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Printer Quotes

Printer Quotes

This section lists out all the quotes assigned to the Printers from the View Quotes section.

We have segregated the Printer Quotes according to their status into different tabs. You can switch between tabs to check the status of each printer's quotes.


  • Quotation Approved – All the printer assigned quotes approved by you (Admin), appear in this section. You can anytime update the quote product, view quote history and check the printer quote details. If you no longer wish to keep the quote functioning, then delete the quote from the Action Menu.


  • Quotation – After a printer sends the requested quotation, it appears under the ‘Quotation’tab.


    • At this point, you (Admin) can approve or disapprove of the quote. To approve the quote, click on the ‘Update Quote Product’ button.
    • In the pop-up click on the status submenu, click on Quotation Approved or any other status as per your requirements and choice.
    • At the time of Quote Approval, you can also enter a Markup Percentage as per your business model.
  • PrinterQuotes4.png

  • Assigned to Printer – All the quotas assigned to the printers all listed under this tab. A ‘V’ symbol against the printer indicated that the printer has viewed the requested quotation. If the due date for the printer quote has been exceeded, then change the due date using the pencil-like icon under the Due Date column.


  • Quotation Disapproved – In a practical scenario, if Admin has assigned the Quotation to 3 different printers but is willing to approve the quotation of only one printer. In such cases, as soon as Admin approves the quote of one printer, then the quotation provided by another printer(s) automatically gets disapproved. The status of those quotes is changed to ‘Quotation Disapproved’.


    You can still change the status of the quote product using the ‘pen-like’ icon. Select the status for the quote from the Status dropdown and click on Save.

  • Note - This scenario will be helpful if you wish to re-quote the same product to the printer or approve their quote, i.e. rectify the previous action.


  • Quotation Declined – If the printer or admin misses the due date of Quote then after a certain period of time, the system automatically declines the quote. Thus, restricting printers from performing any actions on the quote.

Flow of Quote

A typical quote assigned to the printer, goes in the following manner –

Admin Side

  • Quote places by the customer.
  • Quote received by the Admin with the status – Quotation Pending.
  • Admin assigns the Quote to Printer(s) using the pen-like icon. Now, Admin can check all the quote products assigned to Printers with the status ‘Assigned to Printer’ from - Home >> Quotes >> Printer Quote

Printer Side


  • As soon as the Admin assigns a Quote to the printer, the printer receives a notification about the assigned quotes as shown above in the dashboard.
  • Go to – Admin >> Quote Management >> Printer Quotes
  • As soon as Admin assigns a quote to Printer, the status of Quote changes to ‘Assigned to Printer’.
  • PrinterQuotesUpdated26.png

  • The printer can provide a quotation for the product or decline the quotation using the Action Buttons provided.
  • Quotation Declined – Printer can anytime decline the quote i.e. refuse to give quotation for a particular product. Just enter the comments and click on Save.
  • PrinterQuotes10.png

  • Quotation – If the printer wishes to provide the requested quotation, then click on the Quotation button. They can easily fill up a form by entering the Price of the quoted product, Production Days, etc. and click on Save.
  • PrinterQuotesUpdate33.png

  • As soon as the Printer sends the quote, the status of quote changes to – ‘Quotation’.


Admin Side

  • Once Admin receives the quote, they can edit the quote using the pen-like icon (as shown below)
  • PrinterQuotesUpdate29.png

  • Using the icon, Admin can change the status of the quote provided by the customer. They can either accept the quote, or decline it, or disapprove the quote.
  • PrinterQuotesUpdate28.png

  • Now, go to Admin >> Quote Management >> View Quotes >> Select the quote >> Action dropdown >> ‘Edit’
  • Under ‘Quote Action’, enter quote price and click on Save.
  • Customer Side

  • Customers get the option to Approve or Reject the Quote. Go to, My Account >> My Quotes
  • PrinterQuotes15.png