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Pre-defined Products

Predefined Products

Admin > Products > Predefined Products

What are the Pre-Defined Products?

Manage products, which do not require much of personalization. Most of these products are ready to sell. Examples of such products are business card holder, banner stand, bag packs, and pen stands, etc.

On the Admin Panel, at a glance, you can check the list of all predefined products with their size variants, stock available and the customer type i.e. to whom the product is made available.

While creating a pre-defined product, Admin will get three options namely –


  • Yes – This will create a Kit Product.
  • Buy With Kit Only – The predefined product created can be bought when in the kit. (They will not be displayed at the product listing page.)
  • No – Create a predefined product as the regular process (can later be added in the kit if required)

Follow the document to understand more –

Add a Pre-Defined Product

Admin > Products > Predefined Products > Add Button (top-right corner)

To add a new predefined product, click on the ‘Add’ button (top right corner). Fill in the details as explained in the Product Configuration section and click on the Save & Continue button.

In the Kit Product dropdown, choose No or Buy with Kit Only.

No – This will define that the product is not a Kit and rather it is a Pre-defined Product, which can be later added into a Kit (if required).

Buy with Kit Only – This states that the product created is a pre-defined product that cannot be bought separately. The purchase of this product can only be made if this product is added in a Kit, i.e. it can be bought only when the product is added into a Kit.

The rest of the configuration of the pre-defined products works the same as the addition of a normal product. Please refer to the Add Product section for more guidance.


How to create a Kit?

A Kit is a set of articles used for a specific purpose. A kit can be a school kit, college kits, office kits, etc. This will help customers to order bulk products using a kit instead of ordering separate products. Kits have been major attractions for businesses and schools, as it contains a pack of products. Kits are more informative and versatile. Thus, add Kits into your web store and explore how they are important from - https://www.flottmanco.com/importance-media-kit/

Instead of a separate entity, the Kit Product will now be considered as a predefined Product. This will help the Admins manage the sort order of the product without any hassle. Along with this other database, handling benefits come in handy.

Learn to configure Kit Products from here.

Related Products

Admin > Products > Pre-defined Products > Related Product (Top Right Link)

With this section, add related products for a particular product. Adding related products will increase the chance of upselling and cross-selling on your storefront.

Related products might catch the interest of customers and they may end giving you more sales. Thus, overall it will increase your profit margins.

Related products of Pre-defined products work the same as shown in the Products section. Refer to this section for more.

Import Products

Admin > Products > Pre-defines Products > Import Products (Top Right Link)

Instead of uploading a single product at a time, OnPrintShop system allows you to mass upload products using an excel sheet. This will reduce down your labor required in uploading one product at a time.

The steps followed in importing the pre-defined products are exactly as same as shown in the Products section.

With the new Kit Product Development, we have added a new column in the CSV file namely - kit_type_id

Select Kit product from drop down.

  • 0 for Predefined product
  • 1 for Buy with kit only

Manage Stocks

Admin > Products > Pre-defines Products > Manage Stock (Top Right Link)

This section helps you check the overall stock of all the pre-defined products of the system. Click to view the stock, stock history, and download stock history, etc.

Refer to this section for a more detailed description.