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Imposition Marks Management

Imposition Marks Management

Admin >> Imposition Beta >> Imposition Marks Management

PDF Imposition comes with a series of standard crop marks, folding marks, and registration marks. In addition, users can define their own marks for convenience. Color bars and customized color markers can be created and placed on the signature sheet with a single click of the mouse. The calibration bar can also be self-generated to ensure accuracy.

Thus, here in the system, we have made available various imposition marks. The two default imposition marks available in the system are - ‘Default Color Strip’ and ‘Default Gray Scale’. Though you cannot delete these you can easily edit them from the Edit option in the Action menu. Also, you are free to add Cut marks and Registration Mark into the system.

Imposition Marks Management13.png


Admin >> Imposition Beta >> Imposition Marks Management > Add Imposition Mark

Imposition Marks Management14.png

To add an imposition mark, you will be required to enter its title, select mark type (whether it is cutting mark or registration mark) and then upload the file for imposition mark in PDF format.

Note: If you modify mark file, then existing imposition schemas that are using this mark will show old file only. You must have to update those schemas manually to apply changes.