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Store Department

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Department' Option

On the Store Dashboard, you can check the list of all departments and their basic details such as their email id, department code, and their pay on limit.

Pay on Limit – This is the credit amount allocated to each branch.

Status –You can instantly toggle the status as either of the following:

  • Make it Active: Members of the selected department can access the Store storefront.
  • Make it Inactive: Members of the selected department are restricted from accessing the storefront. Making department inactive will not run any delete functions.


Add Department

To add a department, click on the ‘+Add’ button in the Department Dashboard. This helps you to quickly create a department(s) for your Store Customers. Under Store drop-down, only those store will be listed for which Department Module is enabled.

Fill in the Add Department form to create a department.

Cost Center Code – We have introduced Cost Center Code for all departments of the Store. The main function of the Cost Center is to track the expenses of the department. This field will be displayed on Department Listing Page & Order Information Pages like View Order Detail, Export Orders, Export Order API, and generate Order Details Report, etc.

Pay on Limit – This field will only appear if the Pay On Limit in Store Setting is set to “Store wise”. Using this Store Admin and Site Admin can assign pay on account balance to each store. Enter the credit limit for this specific department. Next to the field, you will see the total Pay On limit remaining for this store.


Action Menu

Edit: Allows you to select the Store and Edit the department details.

Delete: This option will appear only if there are no records under the department, customers or orders.